Different website hosting

Website Hosting needs to be reliable and secure. Any downtime could mean lost revenue and security of your data is of paramount importance.

Our third party website hosting means that we can host, support and manage your website. This means all of your management and support for the website and hosting is under one roof which is much more convenient.

You may be able to use what is known as Shared Hosting, which is cost effective but does share resources with other sites, so it’s only suitable when you have a fairly small site, or one with limited traffic or bandwidth consumption.

We may suggest use of a VPS hosting package (Virtual Private Server) or even a Dedicated Server hosting service if your website demands are very large and requires more resources.

Website Loading Speed is one of the measures of how Google will see your site and give it credit or ranking credibility, so this is important on all devices and is only becoming more important moving forward.

If your site is a database website like WordPress, we may also ask you to think about WordPress optimised hosting that has increased resources and server-caching abilities specifically designed to keep Websites built on this platform as fast as possible.

Website Hosting

As a minimum, the 3rd party hosting we will recommend will be on high performance Linux servers, powered by the Cloud Linux operating system for solid web hosting that can be depended on. The last thing you need to worry about is server management or downtime.

We help manage your website space, keep an eye on bandwidth use, set up email accounts for you and the hosting will be set to have regular back-ups depending on your package.

Security and email anti-spam features are pretty standard but can be upgraded for even more peace of mind and security. We can help with email forwarding or re-directions as well, and any email accounts created can be accessed via the web using a web-mail login.

To talk to us about website hosting feel free to get in touch.

If you want to check to see if Google is crediting you with offering a good website loading speed to your visitors, ask us about speed checking and website audits that we can do to give you the black and white data of how things are and what can be improved.

You may also want to read more about Mobile First Website Design and Accelerated Mobile Pages which are also a consideration.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure you offer the best user experience by making sure the website is as fast as possible, and you definitely want to make sure the necessary Google boxes are ticked here too!


we provide support for all packages

Silver Hosting

£149 annually + VAT
  • 1 GB Disc Space
  • 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Single Domain / Website
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • 1 SQL Databases
  • Full Support Available*
  • Daily Back-ups & More**

Platinum VPS

£99 per month + VAT
  • 30 GB Disc Space
  • 250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • VPS Resources
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Daily Back Ups**
  • Spam Protection
  • cPanel / WHM Licence

WordPress Optimised Hosting

from £45 per month + VAT
  • WordPress specific resources
  • Daily back-ups and easy restore point creation
  • Can be combined with Monthly Support
  • Price based on space required and bandwidth usage
  • Easy migration across to new hosting
  • Contact us for more details

Please note...

Our Shared Hosting is priced annually  and is automatically billed at the start of each year. VPS Hosting is invoiced and due at the start of each calendar month.

Silver and Gold are shared Hosting Environments and the Platinum is a VPS solution. The WordPress Optimised Hosting solutions can be discussed upon request and will depend on a few variables.

Also, many customers will benefit from a fully bespoke quote outside of these packages so we are happy to discuss tailored packages and bespoke website hosting solutions as well.

Supported Solutions for all sizes & needs

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