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For some businesses, a single page website or presence online can be enough. It is almost an on-line business card you will direct people towards with contact details and a few nice images of you, and some bullet points about what you do.

There are many reasons for this approach – the budget, the fact you won’t want to come up too high in searches anyway and just want to be there if someone goes to the site directly. A page like this, can also be a Google AdWord landing page – specifically set up to handle traffic from a specific campaign or advert. For this reason, it won’t need too much content or an emphasis on keyword strategy or Search Engine Optimisation.

There are some downfalls with a single page website, but if you don’t have a lot you need to say and putting aside the challenge of gaining any real traction on the search engines, there are legitimate reasons for going down this route.

The biggest advice we have on this, is start with something that can be scaled up over time – so if the organisation or the person changes and grows, it can grow with you – and will not have to be started again from scratch.

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The main reason for having more website pages is it gives us an opportunity to optimise each page for a different topic or service.

So if you decide that a single page website isn’t quite enough, you should consider one of the Small Business Website packages or if you prefer to work on a monthly budget, Dexterous Designs Ltd also offer some great Monthly Website Packages where you can pick and choose from a selection of services and pay a set monthly fee for the site.

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