A guide to launching your new website!

When launching a new website, there’s a lot to think about! From updates and maintenance to categorising media files, it can be a stressful process if not handled professionally. So, what do you need to think about before launching the next phase of your business?

Many business owners can get flustered at this stage of website building. Why? They want to ensure that everything is perfect first try which causes more stress than necessary. If you are getting your website built with professional designers/developers, they will have plenty of experience in this aspect. If this is your scenario, ask them about your concerns and they should be able to put your mind at ease. However, whether or not you are having your website built professionally, there are a few things to consider. What do these things include?

Content Consistency

What do we mean by this? Content consistency means to ensure your written content sounds the same. This includes the tone of voice as well as grammar and spellings. For example, you don’t want to have a page using the spelling ‘colour’ and another page using the spelling ‘color’. By doing this, it makes your content seem like it was written by different people; this damages the emphasis of the content.

Also, a new website needs content with a consistent tone of voice. How is this achieved? In order to gain new customers, your business needs to come across as friendly and approachable. Additionally, your business needs to prove that you are professionals and know what you are talking about. You can ensure your content matches this requirement in multiple ways:

  1. Ask a friend/family member/colleague to read through your content and give some feedback. They should be able to give some advice on things you can add or change to put your point across more effectively.
  2. As website technology continues to grow, there is more and more software available to help your business’ website content. Some examples of this are Grammarly which can help to advise you on how your content sounds to the reader. Another popular choice is Yoast SEO as it evaluates your text and helps you to adjust words/phrases to make your content more accessible to the different abilities of your readers.

Marketing Regulations

Another thing to consider before the launch of your new website is the interlinking of your social media. For a new website to succeed, you must ensure your marketing goes both ways; to and from social media. What do we mean by this? Most modern websites have buttons that link to the website owner’s social media if they have any. In partnership with this, the owner’s social media accounts should link to their new website. By making sure this is in place, you multiply your chances of new followers on social media and customers on your website!

One last thing to consider is your website needs to be GDPR compliant. This means that all customer data, as well as any data acquired through external sources such as cookies, are stored remotely to protect your customers. If your website is built with WordPress, it’s likely that your data is stored securely automatically. However, if you are taking personal data such as copies of birth records or passport photos for identification purposes, it’s essential this is protected so it’s worth checking again before launching your new website. Check out this blog post by Hallam Internet for more information.

Once all of the above-mentioned factors are checked and approved and you’re happy with your website, you should be good to go; hit that launch button and start attaining new business!

As always, for more information talk to the experts at Dexterous Designs. Contact us today.


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