Dexterous Designs have joined Smarter Media Group!

We asked Marc Eggleton, the Founder and Managing Director of Dexterous why he had made the decision to join the Smarter Media Group.

“This came bit out of the blue but the more we investigated it, the greater an opportunity it seemed.  We didn’t need to change; we are growing nicely and receiving good feedback from the people we work for.  We were not looking to do anything radically different and were certainly not under any pressure to do so.  But this was a great opportunity to join with an established successful group and expand the work we do and increase the services we can offer.

But by joining the Smarter Media Group family and collaborating with similar companies who want to do the same as us, we can carry on growing without losing the personal touch that we have.  And we will be able to streamline the business to ensure we still offer great value even when costs are going up.

The new collaboration will also mean that our staff will have more access to training and enhanced career opportunities, and Dexterous Designs will be able to recommend partner companies to clients when applicable. And by being further down in the Southwest, Dexterous Designs will lead the way in finding new opportunities, increasing the reach of the Smarter Media Group.

So overall it seemed like a good thing to do for us, our clients and for Smarter Media.”


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