The importance of good branding

Your brand is much more than just a logo, slogan or symbol… it defines your business.

The purpose of good branding

Good branding is essential to a professional business because of the huge impact it has on the company as a whole. Branding defines the way that people, and more importantly your customers, view your brand. Good branding has the power to drive a new business and massively expand a companies presence.

Branding builds dominance

Building company recognition and making your business known to consumers is the main reason why good branding makes a huge impact. The most important aspect of your branding should be your logo as this is how people will differentiate your business from the rest. For this reason you should make sure that your logo is powerful and memorable so that it leaves an impression on anyone who sees it. The best way to display your logo design would be via the business website or through promotional goods such as business cards, flyers or posters.

Good branding generates new customers

People love to tell others about brands they are passionate about, for this reason a strong brand can help generate new leads and sales. Think of a brand you like to use a lot… Now think about how many times you have recommended that brand to your friends or family… Can you see the link?

A recent study shows that 84% of consumers said that they ‘always or sometimes’ decide to use a brand based on recommendation from others. We were as shocked by that number as you are!

Branding improves employee pride

This is an area of branding that most companies seem to forget. If an employees stands behind the business branding it will ensure that they are motivated and take pride in the work they produce. Having a branded office to display everything the business stands for is a great way to give employees a sense of belonging. This can be achieved by using promotional material, posters, banners and much more.

Branding helps with advertising

Another great reason why branding is so important comes in the shape of advertising. Any advertising strategies that are used will directly affect the brand and what your company stands for. Advertising techniques such as TV adverts, banners, billboards and posters enable any business to create a cohesive advertising strategy to help grow the brand.

Strong branding increases business value

Branding is a very valuable tool that can add value to a business, beyond the physical assets. Take a second to think about companies such as Coca Cola, Apple, and McDonalds; these companies are worth far more than their equipment, premises or products. It is their branding that has helped them reach this state far beyond their physical value.

In 2018 the value of Apple’s brand alone was worth $214.5 billion, this is up 16% from 2017 and continues to grow to this day. That just goes to show how powerful branding really is.


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