Why Invest In e-Commerce Website Design Services?

The internet is a wonderful thing, providing us with the ability to order almost anything to our front doors. As the online retail industry continues to grow, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your site with the help of e-commerce website design services?


For e-commerce businesses, presentation is everything. Though you may have a brilliant product range, poor or outdated web design may lose you sales – which of course, are fundamental to your business! So why exactly should you invest in e-commerce website design services, like ours?

Enhances user Experience

How your e-commerce website interacts is a digital representation of customer service. Just like in the real world, you have to keep your customers satisfied – otherwise, they’ll take their business elsewhere. When a customer enters your site, you only have a split-second to keep them there, so every aspect counts! 

Page speed, navigation and are just some of the many factors that determine the quality of your site. By investing in e-commerce web designers like us, we can work with you to create a beautiful site tailored to meet your customer’s needs. Let us show your customers just how good your brand can be!

Attracts new customers

The internet grows bigger by the minute, meaning competition is fierce. Not only does a quality website design provide the elements to keep your existing clientele happy, but it also can draw in new consumers. Just one look at your website’s design can tell a customer the quality of your brand in an instance. Strategies such as Search engine optimization – or ‘SEO’, can boost your site’s rankings, increasing brand visibility. 


Our SEO services provide a cost-effective solution with long-term results. Not only does it help to boost traffic to your website, but also your social media channels. 

Keeps your website modern

While there’s nothing wrong with a retro look, nobody wants to shop on a site that looks like it was designed for Windows ‘95! Technology is changing with mobiles overtaking desktops as our main online outlet. A mobile-friendly website is a necessity for e-commerce businesses, allowing your site to cater to all platforms.


Not only is being mobile-friendly better for accessibility but it is also essential for high page ranking among search engines. At Dexterous designs, we offer a range of quality design services to enhance your website. So ditch those outdated templates for a fresh, enhanced e-commerce website design!

Builds trust

Your website tells your brand’s story, so a poor design layout reflects negatively in the eyes of customers. With e-commerce, trust is important, especially when people are handing over sensitive information such as credit card numbers. The last thing your business needs is customers entering your site only to be put off by your site’s design. 


Investing in a quality website design can help reinforce to your customers that your brand is trustworthy. At Dexterous designs, we understand just how important customer service is to business. We specialize in creating complex and custom made websites, to catch the eyes of customers and outmatch the competition.

Based in Somerset, we’ve helped build and enhance the websites of businesses across the UK. For more information on our professional web design services, connect with us via email – info@dexterous-designs.co.uk, or call us on 01823 270000, today!


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