Dexterous’ Current Community Support Projects

It is so important for your business to support and encourage local charities, non-for-profits and teams because it makes you part of the community, while putting your name out there in the best way. To maintain a close relationship with our community we support the Somerset Art Gallery Trust and Tone Youth Football Club. For Tone Youth Football Club, each year we support them by donating printed clothing, such as hooded tops or training tops, for the players. Last year we arranged for the team and coaching staff to have some lovely Tone Youth branded tops with players or coaches’ initials on the front, and the new Dexterous Brand on the back. We will continue to sponsor the team and help them promote grass-roots sport for children of all ages. With the former, when creating their new website, we wanted to support the not-for-profit and their values, we agreed to provide the website for a heavily reduced fee and continue to provide support and hosting to the organisation. Over the years we have helped with small updates and services. In the past, we also supported Tone FM (a not-for-profit local radio station), the local charity YMCA, and a Somerset Bi-Polar organisation which ran for many years.   



We are currently updating the website for Somerset Art Gallery Trust (SAGT). We feel like it is so important to sponsor and support a local not-for-profit organisation, like SAGT, and we are pleased to help and support their second project with us, the first being in 2015. We are currently in the middle of this project, and we will be posting progress pictures on our socials, like the one below.  



The main focus for the updated website will be for users to sign up and to buy artwork, where you will be able to view their current featured artwork more accessibly. There will be a sign-up form embedded into the site, an option to enquire about each piece of artwork, a comment box under each newsletter where users can leave their thoughts, and a contact form instead of just an email. As you can see our goal behind the new update is all user-centric, and to make the website more accessible and personable for the user.  


Dexterous pride ourselves in being part of and helping our local community. If you would like any more information about any of our services, then please do get in touch!


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