The Key to Planning Your Website

When creating your website, the most crucial step of the process is planning. A lot of the time people skip the planning stage, to save time, but without it they are setting themselves up for the creation to take much longer – unforeseen obstacles pop up and the designers usually must redo some of their work. When you take the time to think through and layout your project prior to starting the build you can usually foresee some of these obstacles and produce a plan for avoiding them. This will save your time and money overall.  

Since web development is not a task of just one person, but there are many aspects present like the designer, content writer, what the client wants, etc. It is important that you bring all the minds and plan accordingly. At Dexterous Designs we encompass the roles of the planner, designer, developer, and content writer, which is why we make such a perfect team with our clients – everything at Dexterous is all in one place, making the communication between us and you are extraordinarily strong, which is something that is vital to the planning process and beyond. We also ensure the fluidity and consistency of your brand and attention to detail throughout your entire website, which is only achieved through planning. Planning also gives a structure, in terms of timescale and progress, to go by, so we can keep client updates and be clear on what stage of the project we are on. 

At Dexterous Designs, we have a tried and tested process for website design planning, and the website design process – right through to the customer feedback sessions and deployment. It’s a process that works well and suits all website builds and website types. For smaller projects certain steps are not required, but the process for planning both visual design and UI, as well as the technical requirements, are in place from the start. 

The main points your plan should cover are as follows. Make sure you determine your goals for your website – both the big and small accomplishments. Identify your target audience, so you can provide them with the information they are looking for. From this, know your call-to-action – what do you want your visitors to do once they are on your site? – At Dexterous, we have contact opportunities on every page of your website to ensure the welcoming and communication between us and prospective clients are there from the word go. Figure out how you will get your readers to easily navigate through your site for them to complete your call-to-action – a sitemap? A drop-down menu? Make sure you send over as much information about your company to your designers as possible, so they can go ahead and effectively content plan and write. Finally, make sure to create a list of keywords that you will use throughout your site, to have effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on Google.  

Dexterous Designs can help you do all the above, and more! We want to make sure your website and business reach its full potential, and the best way to achieve this is to start off strong with in-depth planning. Contact us for any more information or to get started on your new website! 


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