Why Is Your Website Optimised but Not Ranking on Google?

Sometimes even when your website is fully optimised, it still does not rank highly on Google, and there are several reasons as to why this could be.  


First, if your site is new then it might be case of letting the website settle into Google’s discovery process before you see it ranking 


A few months ago, Google updated the page experience algorithm, to introduce new web vitals. Page experience impacts rankings, how users interact with your website, and their overall experience of it. It includes Google Search signals such as mobile friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS, and intrusive interstitial guidelines. The metrics in Google’s Web Vitals include, sites’ loading speeds, interactivity, and visual stability, to optimise the “quality of user experience.” These three web vitals are so important to your Google ranking, as there are benchmarks within these metrics that need to be met to rank, including security as well. They are easily monitored, and more comparable website is created, while pushing businesses to focus on the most important thing – their users. It will give you, as business owners, and us, as developers the opportunity to receive, reflect on, and rectify user experience, and your website’s Search Engine Optimisation. And with the right website experience, users will become consumers. 


If Google catches you buying links or deliberately overdoing it on keywords in hidden text — your website may be penalised, meaning your ranking will be negatively affected. When you are already putting in the effort to make a reliable website and quality content, it is counterproductive to try pull the wool over Google’s eyes by using these sneaky tactics. One slight bending of the rules will mean you will have problems ranking. You can check whether Google has flagged your page for having these kinds of problems in the Manual Actions tab in Google Search Console (GSC).  


Make sure within your website pages, you are adding internal links within you text. From your about page to your blog articles, make sure that you have links which are linking to other parts of your website. Even if trivial things like this are absent, it affects your rankings.  


Another simple reason for your page not ranking is that there is simply too much competition! At Dexterous, we can help you stand out from the crowd and help your website reach its full ranking potential! 


If you are wondering how to fix ANY of these issues or help detecting them, then that’s where Dexterous Designs can help you! We offer a free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) scan, to help you determine where your Google rankings are. From that we can help you create a plan of action to make sure you are utilising your SEO strategies to the full. Our experts know where to start and how to improve your SEO, by identifying your keywords, knowing Google’s criteria for rankings, and most importantly how to effectively apply and measure all of this. Beyond the free SEO strategies above, we help with PPC (Pay Per Click). Our team has over a decade of experience helping to grow companies and provide them with impressive results from an investment in PPC. We constantly review campaign metrics like, campaign quality score, audience lists, keywords, audience location, ad copy and device conversion. We offer additional services where we provide on-site review and optimisation. On a monthly basis, you will receive a metric-based report to show you the monthly results, a personalised list of reflections and recommendations for the month ahead. Our team, with your input, will always be looking for the next paid media innovation to keep you ahead of the competition and drive forward with the best possible results and value for investment.  


If you would like any more information on our SEO services, please get in touch! 


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