Avery Fireguard Logo Design

date: January 2017

client: Avery Fireguard

category: Logo Design


Avery Fireguard are part of the Avery Carpentry Ltd business and are branching out their services into Fireguard and Fire Protection Services.

We started by updating the main business website for Avery Carpentry, and used their corporate appearance and logo to dictate the style of the Fireguard identity to keep continuity in the company appearance.


The team at the Avery group asked us to create a new Avery Fireguard logo design based upon their existing logo style for the other sister companies in the group.

  • Created the Avery Fireguard logo design taking the lead from the existing company colours and branding.
  • Developed Logo Design for two other sides to the business.
  • Produced three Web Designs for three sides to the brand, with a matching corporate feel and identity.

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