Dexterous Designs Sponsor Jetta Tdi Cup Racing

So, even though our business is still growing and we are still a little young, we have started to sponsor some on line racing in a PC Racing Sim called iRacing. To start with a fantastic VW Jetta Tdi car livery was created to help spread the word, and over the new season starting in August we will be posting regular updates and highlights on how we are doing.

To begin with, here are a few images of the Jetta on the fantastic Road America race track. Videos will hopefully follow soon of some pre season practice sessions so you will get the chance of seeing the Jetta in action. We are really looking forward to supporting these drivers in their pursuit of championships.

These drivers share our ethics and the ethics of our business; young, energetic, committed and ambitious. We hope they grow with us.

For more information see iRacing or Contact Us.