Today you can Embrace Your Inner Geek

So I know it’s from across the water, but you never know this might “Geek Day” just catch on. July 13th is (in the USA) in Embrace Your Geekness Day!

Apparently today is a great day to be, know or indeed love a Geek. But what is the definition of a true Geek and why in the past was this seen to be so negative?


What is a Geek?

Usually one associates the term with Computers or Technology, but in definition a Geek is a person or individual that is highly intelligent and technically minded; so they would lend themselves well to Computers, Technology, and our current age of technological advancements! You would assume a Geek to be serious and formal in their approach to pretty much everything and perhaps, even have a little OCD.


Geek or Nerd – that is the question?

Although these terms are closely related, a Nerd is seen to be as enthusiastic or obsessed and driven but perhaps may not posses the same technical abilities or knowledge.


Where did the term Geek come from?

They say the word Geek was documented as early as 1916 to describe circus freaks – performers that would do very crazy things like bite heads off animals or eating insects alive! These performances were often even called “geek shows”. However, the word “geek”, comes from “geck”, which was originally a German term meaning Fool or Freak.

Whatever the origins, Geeks are here to stay. However, the word Nerd was made popular in the 60s and 70s by the TV show Happy Days! Well, I never knew that…


Am I a Geek?

I like a few things I found online that can help answer this! I love the fact that most of the surveys assume you are at least on the scale – I guess you should also work on the basis that if you are still reading this you are at least part-geek – but to be sure I suggest looking on the web for some questionnaires – I would link them from here, but you will have more fun searching!!


So go ahead and Embrace It!

If you are gifted and lucky enough to have the amount of knowledge that enables you to be labelled by others as a Geek – EMBRACE and Relish it! Especially today…

While it can be viewed as negative by some even today, put this down to a combination of envy and misunderstanding!!

Today, learn some jargon, look at some HTML, or get to grips with that DVD Recorder Manual that looks so daunting, just make sure you challenge yourself and get one step closer to your own Geek status!


” If you LOVE A GEEK, raise your glasses – if you don’t, raise your standards “


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